Money Music's Co-Owner is an Ad Agency Veteran

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Money Music Incorporated has what your client needs: a 100% custom demo created from scratch. Ad agency veteran Jay Nicholson understands the agency process from the creative side to the approval process. He co-authors and directs all production. Offered are custom, original post scores for commercials and video, branding packages, written arrangements and soundtracks. Commercial spot creative and production is available and can be bundled with music.


Money Music Incorporated’s studio is located in Orlando, Florida, home of the largest collection of available performers we could find. Ned Wilkinson, composer, creates arrangements and plays every instrument known to man.


Money Music Incorporated delivers products that are beyond national quality. With more than thirty years individual experience, they have built a creatively driven firm that thoroughly understands branding principles. They make the process simple while delivering scratch demos, approval mixes and mastered cuts, all in record time.

Increase your sales numbers while providing the original brandings clients need.

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