Tune Up Your Business With a Musical Image

From Money Music Incorporated


Money Music Incorporated has what your business needs: a musical image demo uniquely created for you!

Our professional team conducts a thorough analysis of your business. The demo produces consistent messages from your business to your target audience in an authentic and memorable way.

A demo scratch track is available to qualified businesses at no charge. *


Sonic branding is an effective method for developing name awareness, and becoming more visible. According to researcher Daniel M. Jackson, music is retained nine times greater than the spoken word. The addition of music to your current advertising and branding activities will make your business stand out from the pack. We even offer Spanish-translated music!


Money Music Incorporated uses the best creative talent available, delivering products that are national quality. With more than thirty years individual experience, they have built a creative-driven firm that thoroughly understands branding principles. The process is simple, productive and very fun.

*Businesses will be interviewed individually for qualification.

Real Instruments, played by
in-house talent, keeps fast turnaround a specialty.

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