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The Full-Sing

This is our most popular bundle. The "full-sing" tells your unique story. We are able to reach this outcome by exploring your business history, where you are today, and your vision for the future. This is blended with current marketing methods which allow accurate and effective results helping your business shine.

Package includes 25-30 cuts, including :30 and :60 mix-outs of donuts, sing-in and sing-out versions, five vocal tags, instrumental track in various lengths and, upon request, an endless loop for on-hold music, videos, and presentations.

Call for Price - 417.844.7113


The Donut

”The donut” cut sings on each side with a hole in the middle. The “center” of the donut may contain voice overs, scripts, or other creative ideas. Since there are no lyrics, we offer this package at a reduced price, but not at reduced value. Following are the 17-plus tracks included in The Donut:

  • :30 Donut
  • :30 Intro
  • :30 Tag
  • :30 Inst. Bed
  • :60 Double Donut
  • :60 Donut
  • :60 Intro
  • :60 Tag
  • :60 Inst. Bed
  • :15 Donut
  • :15 Intro
  • :15 Tag
  • :15 Inst. Bed
  • :10 Tag
  • :10 Inst. Bed
  • :05 ID
  • :04 Acappella
  • Three minute loop

Call for Price - 417.844.7113


The Post Score with ID

A musical soundtrack, aligned with the theme of your audio or video, is created. It is completed with a sing-out for consistent name recognition utilizing your unique branding. Eight versions: Instrument only, :30 and :60 Instrument bed with sing-out, :30 and :60 :05, :10, :15 second and Acapella tags

Call for Price - 417.844.7113

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