Tune Up Your Sales With a Musical Image

From Money Music Incorporated


Money Music Incorporated produces custom musical image demos on the spot! Our professional team conducts a thorough analysis of your client. The demo produces consistent messages for the target audience in an authentic and memorable way. The MMI method is a win-win-win for all parties, and we seek to enhance station efforts to help businesses prosper.


While generating long term business through sonic branding, clients begin to more fully appreciate the value of advertising where musical images may be applied. Providing this unique resource helps sellers become a more valuable asset to the advertiser, thereby increasing local- direct relationship business.


Money Music Incorporated uses the best creative talent available, delivering national quality products. With more than thirty years individual experience, MMI has built a creative-driven firm that thoroughly understands branding principles.

Compensated strictly on performance, this is a NO RISK proposition. One, 3-day workshop can serve 12 pre-qualified prospects, with an average closing rate of 91% when ALL decision- makers are present. MMI provides support materials and coaching for sales teams to prepare for appointments. The process is very simple, productive, and fun! We even offer Spanish- translated music!

Note: Workshops are not mandatory, and we readily accommodate individual meetings on an as-needed basis.

Increase your sales numbers while providing the original brandings clients need.

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